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Since 2010, a prayer jointly composed for Plateau  State by the General Assembly of Priests, Religious and Laity of the Catholic Archdiocese of Jos has always  been said by individuals and collectively in homes and Churches. Kindly join us in the prayer please. Thank you for your moral and prayerful support.


God the Father our Creator

God the Son our Redeemer

God the Holy Spirit our Sanctifier,

We praise and thank You for the precious gift of Plateau State endowed with good weather, fertile land and a generous people.

We have been plagued by political, ethnic and religious crises

And have suffered the destruction of lives and property

We humbly ask for forgiveness from you and from one another

Heal our wounds with the radiance of Your love and mercy

And teach us to live in peace and harmony

Use our leaders as instruments of peace, social development and love

Help them to be selfless in service and to lead us in the path of dialogue and reconciliation, so that we can truly be one family, working for the common good

Bless and provide for our youth and help them to be peace loving

Lord, may the weapons of evil, hatred and violence be silenced by love

May we enjoy unity and stability as your children who live, move and have our being in you. We ask this through Christ our Lord.

O Jesus Prince of Peace

Be merciful to Plateau State and grant us permanent peace

Our Lady Queen of Peace

Obtain for us peace in our hearts, peace in our families and peace in our State.



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